Online Writing Jobs: Proceed with Safety

Being a graduate, you are serious and wise enough to understand how much money has been spent on your college education. So, it would be logical to suppose you start looking for some ways to recoup that cash; and freelance seems quite a good idea, does not it? It becomes even a better idea when you start thinking of freelance writing: yes, we all write academic papers in colleges, make research for different types of writing assignments, and that is why online writing job does not seem too difficult as we have some writing experience already.

Freelance writing jobs are easy to find today: dozens of online resources will provide information you are looking for, a database of clients who need freelance writers to help with their projects, and a chance to create your profile and portfolio for others could find you and ask you for writing help (see Odesk, Freelancer, FreelanceWriting etc.).



Real Jobs for No Money: Farewell to Unpaid Internships

Many graduates are proud to be interns, get new skills, earn some money (if this is a paid internship of course), and increase their chances to land a job of their dreams. But do all of them understand what an internship actually is, and do all of them understand that unpaid internships do not give them any chances to get hired?

What is it like to have no status at work but still be expected to work hard for nothing? Many companies exploit interns today and are not going to pay for their work; hundreds of young people do real jobs for no money but hope to get hired afterward. But the situation seems to change soon: unpaid interns start to battle for fair rewards of their work.



Top Company Internship: What It Looks Like

Do you know what a jackpot is when you are a graduate? The answer to this question would seem obvious for many students: to get a great internship, a paid internship actually.

But what if we tell you about 10 internships from the world’s top companies and say you are lucky and clever enough to get internships from Google, Apple or Facebook for example? Yes, man, that’s what a real jackpot is! Do you want to hit it? Check this information out to learn what internships top companies offer to graduates and measure your chances on getting to the A league.



Why it is a Problem for Graduates to Get Hired

I know that I know nothing.
– Socrates

Only some graduate students recognize the fact they are not entirely ready for the job market. And here the problem comes: when they start looking for a job, they do not clearly understand why they do not fit employers’ expectations.

“This is because I can’t do math or don’t know technology or science enough”, a young specialist says and he does not understand that the problem is the lack of so-called soft skills. Today employers face a quite unexpected problem when they try to get a graduate hired: young people do not know anything about office life fundamentals.