Online Writing Jobs: Proceed with Safety

Being a graduate, you are serious and wise enough to understand how much money has been spent on your college education. So, it would be logical to suppose you start looking for some ways to recoup that cash; and freelance seems quite a good idea, does not it? It becomes even a better idea when you start thinking of freelance writing: yes, we all write academic papers in colleges, make research for different types of writing assignments, and that is why online writing job does not seem too difficult as we have some writing experience already.

Freelance writing jobs are easy to find today: dozens of online resources will provide information you are looking for, a database of clients who need freelance writers to help with their projects, and a chance to create your profile and portfolio for others could find you and ask you for writing help (see Odesk, Freelancer, FreelanceWriting etc.).

When you are a student, it will not be a problem for you to find writing jobs online. If you still do not know what to start with, check these several opportunities to start writing online:

  1. You can enter and win a writing contest (it will help you get more experience, one more thing to mention in your resume or portfolio, and some money to make ends meet).
  2. You can start working for a paper writing service (being a student, you perfectly know how to write academic papers; but if you choose this online writing job, get ready to complete many tests to be selected for it).
  3. You can start working and earning as a blogger, writing posts for websites that are ready to pay their contributors (check them on the Web and offer your writing services; plus, you can always start your own blog to build a good reputation as a blogger and professional relations with other websites’ owners).

As far as you see, it is not difficult to find online writing jobs for college students and graduates today. But there is something more important than finding a writing job online: finding a GOOD writing job online and avoiding scams.

Not all clients are honest, and this statement becomes even more actual when we speak about clients who ask for your writing help online. The sad truth is, some of them will prey on your naivety, look for inexperienced and vulnerable writers, try to take your work for giving nothing instead. How can you prevent that from happening?

Never pay anyone to teach you write

Being a novice writer, you might be unsure about your skills. All these doubts on whether you are worth such tasks and payments do not give you enough freedom to work the whole nine yards; and that is why you do not consider it anything wrong when you are offered some “training” to improve your writing. So, you pay $100 to complete their tasks, practice some writing before getting a job, and… you find out you are not qualified.

Remember: it is not you who pay clients – clients pay you. Do not ever pay anyone who promise to teach, train and hire you afterward.

Never write them full articles as samples

Some clients may ask you complete test tasks and send them full articles as samples. Usually, they say they want to “get an idea of your writing style” in this way. Do not do it! You can always refer a client to your portfolio for them to see your writing style; and if it is not enough for them – just do not work with these people: chances are, they would take your full sample, use it as a ready work, and you will never hear from them again. Do not do your writing job for free.

Don’t be afraid of asking for money

When you are a novice writer, you can’t ask much money for your work: you have no portfolio, no authoritative clients, no skills to be considered a high-paid copywriter or blogger. But after you’ve evolved as a specialist, got a portfolio, finished several big and serious orders, do not be afraid of asking more money for your work: if you are good, you will find clients to pay you properly.

Pay attention to those clients who promise you to pay good if your quality is good: they do not give any guarantees, and you can hardly understand what quality is enough for them. Plus, be cautious of orders that promise you TOO much money: yes, there are many clients on the Web who are ready to pay you top dollar for good work, but they don’t have to advertise themselves as a rule; and if you get an offer from some unknown Mr. Smith who promises to pay $100 for a 500-word text, be very careful. Ask for some guarantees (a contract, an upfront payment, etc.).

Never work with vague clients

Some online writing jobs will seem super vague, and it is a sign for you to be on alert. There are two possibilities here:

  • a) a client is new to this online market himself, and he just does not know what he wants and how to explain and represent his order;
  • b) a client is deliberately sketchy, and he does not want you to know what this job will entail.

Whatever the reason is, such offers will become a headache you do not need. That is why never agree to do a job if you are not provided with all information to understand it clearly; plus, never do a job for those clients who do not give you their physical contacts, business names, names of the cities they are located in, etc. Don’t agree to write for clients who do not even give you their websites to prove their existence: such a mysterious behavior should put you on guard, as it can be a sign of scams.